The French brand for plywood, the quality reference

For over a century, the Allin company is manufacturing classic and technical plywood panels of unquestionable quality with sustained volumes. Dedicated to retailers and industry in France and abroad, Allin is developing its culture of quality and professionalism. Besides, its environmental policy contributes to promote the image of French plywood.

An eco-responsible engagement for the respect of environmental values

The Allin Company has obtained the PEFC and FSC certificates, in line with the ecological values of its leaders and teams. The FSC-certification attests that the raw material comes from forests under strict responsible management regulation.

Besides, each of our factories pays attention to the logs’ origin: the logs and wood-derived products have to come from CFAD. So, our partners are assured that the products they purchase come from a transparent cycle with no place for anarchical harvesting of nature.

The attachment to traditional values, authenticity and innovation lead Allin to offer continuously new ecological and technical products in a range of natural products with 100% recyclable responsible woods.



Innovations, performances, investments

The Allin Company provides architects and project managers a large range of plywood panels (CTB-X marine, cladding, joinery…), acoustic and decorative panels which ideally fit in modern architectures.

Allin has always paid attention to its partners’ needs and to new markets opportunities: our R&D department uses all its resources to conceive and test new wood-based products with innovative and recyclable materials.