Allin R’PLY 100% Poplar
Allin R’PLY 100% Poplar

Allin R’PLY 100% Poplar is a plywood based on an adhesive composed of a 100% bio-sourced and non-toxic* reagent that significantly reduces the use of formaldehyde.

Unbleached Poplar peeled sides 13/10ths Veneer Quality : II/III.
100% PEFCTM Poplar Ply Interiors
Class 3 RESI4FIT adhesive : Use in dry or sheltered damp environments. Glue standard : Standard EN 314.
Dimensional Tolerance : Standard EN 315
Density : 420 kg/m3 +/- 10%. Standard EN 323

Allin R’PLY 100% Poplar is a high performance, environmentally friendly plywood :
Stable and lightweight, with a natural clear colour.

Standards and certificates

On demand

+ Calibration Value + Product certified CARB II / TSCA VI*


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